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Micro-Flux 500 crack testing system for magnetic particle testing in accordance with DIN 54131.


The Micro-Flux 500 crack detection system is equipped with two alternating current magnetization circuits.
The two phase-shifted alternating currents generate a rotating magnetic field.
Cracks are displayed in each direction in a single operation.

The Micro-Flux 500 crack detection machine can be used universally and is flexible in the design of current and field flow strength.

A multidirectional crack detection system

Cracks are displayed in every direction in a single operation

A crack testing system that can be optimized for your application.

Datenblatt Rissprüfbank Micro-Flux 500  PDF-Document

Possible magnetisation methods

  • Induction flooding indication of radial cracks
  • Auxiliary flooding indication of axial cracks


  • Demagnetisation in both circuits
  • Stepless intensity control
  • Analogue or digital display instrument
  • Magnetisation circuit can be switched on or off individually
  • Compact construction

 Technical data

Datenblatt Rissprüfbank Micro-Flux 500  PDF-Document

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